What a Seller can Expect and How they can help during a Home Inspection

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What Can A Seller Expect?
When selling your home, buyers will request a home inspection after their offer is accepted. They are usually given 10 days to get the inspection completed before contracts are sent out from your attorney. What can you, as the owner expect?

The buyers will choose and directly hire an inspector to complete the task. The inspector, the buyers and their real estate agent will book the appointment and attend the inspection. I never demand that owners leave the home during the appointment, after all it is their home, but the inspection is done only for the buyer and there is a confidentiality clause , so it is good to allow buyers privacy during the process. As the seller you would want to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

A good home inspector will make a thorough review of the entire home providing the buyers with a detailed report including photos of many parts of the home. You can request to see this, but you are not entitled to a copy if they do not want to share.

These are a few of the things that you as an owner can help to make the process go well.

Make the home easily available at a convenient time
Allow at least 3 hours for the inspection to be completed
Provide inspector with clear access to all areas of the home. Don’t leave any doors or closets locked up.
Attic – Make sure that nothing is blocking access. If a closet is the only way up, make sure to clear things for the inspector
All cars should be out of the garage for full view.
Clear areas in front of all mechancials such as electric panels, furnace or a/c systems
Put away all small breakable items. Don’t leave out any valuables.
Pets – Dogs and cats will need to find a place to go during a home inspection. They can not only be in the way, but could be frightened by intruders in their space. Make arrangements for them to have a play date or an afternoon at the park with you.
If something isn’t working let the inspector know. If the washing machine leaks let him know so that he doesn’t flood your house.
If you have equipment that should not be turned off such as a computer or cable tv let him know prior to the inspection.
Make sure to alert inspector if something is dangerous to either operate, open or close. We don’t want you to let him open a garage door and it falls on his head.
Home Inspections from the sellers point of view can seem to be a bit intrusive. It is however an inevitable part of the process of buying any home. Basically the inspection is to turn on and operate all the mechanical systems in the home. The inspector is looking to see that things are in working order and to let the buyer know what to expect after moving in. For the buyer, it is part of determining the true value of a home while also learning about home ownership from a maintenance point of view. It can be a basic education for the buyer in learning the mechanical functions of the house they are looking to purchase.

Understanding the process makes it a bit easier for any seller to facilitate the needs of the buyer. Know that you have the right to ask who the inspector is and ask if they are licensed and insured. Your real estate agent will also give you some additional advice on the process at the time of the inspection of anything out of the ordinary. Once the inspection is over the agent will lock up the house and leave it in the same condition they found it. You should hear back from your agent as to any concerns or problems found. It can take a couple of days for the buyers to receive their written report. It is their choice to share it if they have concerns over any items.

Submitted by JeffreyBelfus on Sun, 01/05/2014 - 14:05

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