Radon Testing

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the world...

Radon is a Tasteless, and Odorless gas that penetrates into your home from underground. The only way to dectect Radon is to have your home tested. The EPA recommends that all homes are tested for radon.

Precision Property Inspections LLC. offers Radon testing as an additional nservice to your home inspection or as a stand alone service.

Homes that already have mitigation systems installed should still be tested. The EPA recommends that homes that have been mitigated be retested every other year.

If Precision Property Inspections LLC. test your home and it is found that mitigation is needed, we will track your test date and send a friendly reminder when your home will need retesting. I will also offer retest services at a discounted price.

Call and schedule your Radon test now!!!

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